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Route Map

The three routes of the Kōya Kaido, the Nishi-Kōya Kaido, the Naka-Kōya Kaido and the Higashi-Kōya Kaido, come together in Kawachinagano city, leading to the Kimi Pass.
We prepared a route map for the Kawachinagano city area. You can enlarge or reduce the map and see the explanations for the information points.


List of guide points of interest

Nishi-Kōya Kaido・Kōya Kaido

Amano Bridge
1 Amano Bridge
Nishikisaka Slope, Jizodo and others
2 Nishikisaka Slope Jizodo and others
Shorin-ji Temple
3 Shorin-ji Temple
Yotsu-no-tsuji crossroads
4Yotsu-no-tsuji crossroads
Yotsukunugi Village
					The legend of Kōbo Daishi and Seisho-ji Temple
5 Yotsukunugi Village
The legend of Kōbo Daishi and Seisho-ji Temple
6 Seimeizuka
Thirteen Buddhas Stone Steles
7 Thirteen Buddhas Stone Steles
Zeze Domain Magistrate Nagano Office Ruins
8 Zeze Domain Magistrate Nagano Office Ruins
9 RI milestone
9 9RI milestone
The Jizo-do and stone stele of Wari-saka
10 The Jizo-do and stone stele of Wari-saka
11 Tsukuri-michi Road
Nagano Shrine
12 Nagano Shrine
Amano-sake Brewery
13 Amano-sake Brewery
From Kyu (former) Saijo Bridge to Bekku-saka slope
14 From Kyu (former) Saijo Bridge to Bekku-saka slope
Dainichi-ji Temple
15 Dainichi-ji Temple
Eboshigata-jinja Shrine
16 Eboshigata-jinja Shrine
Eboshigata Castle Ruins
17 Eboshigata Castle Ruins
Christians of Kawachi-Eboshigata
Kōsatsu-ba Ruins
18 Kōsatsu-ba Ruins
Zōfuku-ji Temple
19 Zōfuku-ji Temple
Tanaka family, the Casters of Kawachi
20 Tanaka family, the Casters of Kawachi
Hatakeyama Hisa Monument
21 Hatakeyama Hisa Monument
Former Mikkaichi Police Station
22 Former Mikkaichi Police Station
Gachirin-ji Temple
23 Gachirin-ji Temple
Slate Stone of Aburaya
24 Slate Stone of Aburaya
Yagi Family House
25 Yagi Family House
The 8 RI Milestone
26 The 8 RI Milestone
Kōshindō termple
27 Kōshindō termple
Kenso no Saka slope
28 Kenso no Saka slope
Kōbo-ido well
29 Kōbo-ido well
Ishibotoke Temple
30 Ishibotoke Temple
31 Shimo-iwaze
Shimizu-ido well
32 Shimizu-ido well
Gosho-no-tsuji crossroads
33 Gosho-no-tsuji crossroads
34 Taimatsu-ya
7 RI Milestone
35 7RI Milestone
Deai-no-Tsuji crossroads
36 Deai-no-Tsuji crossroads
Nanten-en and the Nandinas of Amami
37 Nanten-en and the Nandinas of Amami
Anmyō-ji Temple
38 Anmyō-ji Temple
Kanii-jinja Shrine
39 Kanii-jinja Shrine
Kimi Pass
40 KimiPass

Higashi-Kōya Kaido

Kōshi Jizo
E1 Kōshi-Jizo
(symbol of filial piety)