Nishikisaka Slope, Jizodoand others

Nishikisaka Slope

Nishikisaka Slope

Walking about 100m south from the Amano bridge, we can find the Jizodo, the Dai Jingu Jo-ya-to (night light) stone lantern and the Hokyo-in-to tower.
The road continues to Nishikizaka slope.

Jizodoand others


The Hokyo-in-to tower (★in the picture above) was built in year 8 of the An’ei Period (1779) commemorating the fulfilment of vows of the ascetic Jimei in his Saigoku Sanjusan-do Pilgrimage. This means, a pilgrimage for thirty-three times around the thirty-three Kannon Reijo (sacred place of Kannon) in the Kansai region for more than 10 years, carrying an “Oseta” (a wooden box where statues of Buddha and other things necessary for the pilgrimage) having a long and distinguished history, will fulfil the vows. This pilgrimage started in the Medieval Period and continued up to the year 30 of the Showa Period (1955). There were several organizations, and their supporters were also organized. When the ascetic completed its vows, a big ceremony is given for two nights and three days, gathering more than a thousand people from different places.